While reading chapter 2 from the book ‘Blogging” for my #en3177 I have to say that I agree with a lot of what Rettberg had in there. She stated the change in the communication devices throughout the ages. Originality everything was oral, then it switched to scribes handwriting each book, then came the printing press and that allowed copies of books, pamphlets, and other works to reach a multitude of people instead of people having to travel to a specific place to find the one book. In recent years the internet has started to play a much larger role in communication and publication.

A person is now able to type whatever they want and post it and people all over the world are able to read and even respond to it right away. While if they were writing a book they would have to get it reviewed, edited, then published and shipped to wherever they wanted it to go. Also with the publishing it to the internet people are able to get it for free while if it is in book form they have to pay for it. Another thing that the internet has to offer the publications of bloggers is the feedback and quick modifications. People are able to comment and give feedback either positive or negative, and isn’t that the whole point of a blog? To have you opinion heard and your work out there and for people to comment back?

The other great thing about having blogs and posting them on the internet is that the author has the capability to edit them at any time, unlike the authors of hard copies (books). As Rettberg stated there was an incident in 1631 regarding the Bible and missing the  “not” in the seventh commandment. That was a huge deal and was punished greatly, fines were paid and books were destroyed. Now imagine how much trouble could have been avoided if it wasn’t done in print.

The down side to all of this is that as Plato said writing text destroys  the memory. I agree 100% if I forget something I look it up (and trust me I forget a lot) I also rely on my phone too much, I remember when I had all my friends house phones, my parents cell and work phones, and my grandparents phone numbers all memorized today I am lucky if I remember my own number. Back in the day memory was key to a lot of things and a real person was more credible that a document because they had to defend their point (states the book). That totally makes sense to me I am more likely to believe someone if they are able to give me valuable and, hopefully, credible information than if I just read it off the internet.

Another thing that made a lot of sense to me was how Rettberg said that a new technology meant a new literacy. For me that makes perfect sense! For every form of communication there has to be a way to understand it. It doesn’t matter if it oral, hand written, typed, blogged, tweeted, or sent up in smoke signals. There has to be someone who knows how to give the information and someone to receive it. If there isn’t than that form of communication is just a waste of time, energy, and possibly money.